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Fundraising: Getting Started

Before beginning your fundraiser, you will want to designate a coordinator who will serve as a link between your group and Classic Kettle Corn.  The coordinator will work with us to determine the group's financial goals, selling dates, order date, and delivery date. Depending on the size of your group, it may also be wise to establish a committee or team of volunteers, such as parents or teachers, who will accept responsibility for subgroups and report to the coordinator.

Decide how much money your organization needs to raise and how much each participant would have to sell to meet that goal.  It is best to set your goal somewhat higher than the amount you actually need to make up for those who do not reach their goal.  You may elect to provide sales incentives: prizes, awards, recognition for people who sell the most or who beat their goals.  We can suggest ideas, based on your total fundraising goals.  Just ask us.

Hold an initial meeting to kick off the sales event.  Explain how the funds will be used and let people know if there are any prizes that they can compete for.  Remind sellers of any potential safety risks and provide guidelines for safe selling (i.e., children should not sell door to door by themselves, etc).  Provide a copy of your safety rules with each order form.  

Frequently reminding your members about dates and encouraging them often will most likely boost sales.  Another method of increasing your profits is to advertise to your target customers through newsletters, posters and signs in public places, as well as ads on local radio and TV stations.

Customers will pay members of your organization the full amount for their order on the day of the sale.  If paying by check, customers should make checks payable to your organization.  You will then be able to directly deposit all cash and checks into your organization's account.

Please double check your order for accuracy upon delivery.   Be sure your members know exactly when and where to pick up their orders to avoid inconveniencing your volunteers.  Even though Classic Kettle Corn guarantees freshness, we encourage your members to distribute the bags as soon as possible to ensure customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Here are some Frequently asked questions:

1. "What are we selling?"

You will be selling the best tasting Kettle Corn on the planet, bar none! Kettle Corn is
the largest size popcorn kernel, popped in corn oil and sweetened with sugar.  Then we finish it off by dusting it with a little salt.  You get a treat that's salty and sweet.

2. "How much do we make?"

Your organization sells the Kettle Corn  for $5 each and keep $2.50  It's a 50/50 split.  You do all the selling:  friends, family, co-workers etc. , and we do all the other work.

3. "What package sizes do we sell?"

We offer one size for fundraising in our Kettle Corn packages.  The fundraiser bags hold about 15 cups of Kettle Corn.

4. "How long will Kettle Corn keep?"

We recommend consumption within 2 weeks of receiving the product.  It stays fresh for up to 3 weeks and it's been known to freeze very well. All you need to do is re-seal the bag and freshness is maintained.

5. "How far from Tulsa, OK will you deliver?"

If you are more than 50 miles from Tulsa, please call us to discuss delivery options.

6. "Do you have a minimum order?"

Yes, we have a 100 bag minimum order on fundraisers .









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