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Welcome to Classic Kettle Corn, where we use all natural ingredients to make our great tasting gourmet kettle corn.  Our recipe is finely tuned to provide a very pleasing and delicious taste that makes your mouth water and keeps you coming back for more.

We cook it in 100% corn oil and add just enough sugar and salt to give it that slightly sweet and slightly salty taste that makes you crave another handful.  Our Kettle Corn is a great Gluten, Dairy and Peanut free treat!

Our equipment is specifically designed to provide a great tasting batch of kettle corn every time.  The high quality of materials used in the manufacturing of the kettle and burner assembly provide even heat distribution and ease of popping with minimal effort and reduced cooking time, resulting in more kernels popped and less burned.

Now that we’ve got you already tasting it, we invite you to order a few bags for yourself, family and friends.  We hope you enjoy our gourmet kettle corn!

Hope to see you soon !

Classic Kettle Corn possesses all the necessary documentation to do business with the state, federal and local governments, as well as a current health permit. Classic Kettle Corn also carries a $1,000,000 liability insurance policy.










Classic Kettle Corn can set up in a 10 x 10 space.  For evening events we would request a standard electrical outlet for lights.  Other than the electrical need we are completely self-contained.  The entire set-up takes approximately 30-45 minutes to erect and break down.  Our E-Z up tent has a front pony wall (about 2.5 feet height) and two sidewalls that can either extend as full walls or are used as pony walls.  Classic Kettle Corn uses a high grade tarp for  flooring which allows for a “no mess” clean up.  It is our intention to “leave no trace”.  That is to leave each location as we found it (clean and in order).  The color scheme of our tent is yellow with red lettering.  Classic Kettle Corn takes pride on our attention to detail and cleanliness.  We approach every job with the mindset that, to the public, we are a direct representation of those we are working for.  With this in mind, Classic Kettle Corn does as much as they can to present a positive, professional, and lively image.



Classic Kettle Corn
29018 S. 4190 Rd.
Inola, OK 74036

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